About Us

STUDIO STIX is founded in 2016 by visual artist E.Jan Grolleman and designer Henny Wilting.


Beauty & Touchability
We create and design with focus and are not afraid to show a luxurious side. If possible we use handmade and traditional craft techniques. We prefer sustainability because it's simply better and more appealing. Above all, to achieve beauty is our main goal. Association & Storytelling The origin of our design process is our personal connection to the forest. Stories, myths and meetings that take place – imaginary or real. It's a mystical place that never completely reveals its true self; inviting but not without risks.

Object & Illusion
We feel attracted to the imaginative side of art, also its artificiality. Therefore we created a lamp called “Walluster” that represents a chandelier. It's both a functional object and a piece of art. Functionality and non-functionality are two sides of the same object. Inside & Outside Next to interior products we develop projects to improve Rotterdam's city interior. We have been working and living in this city for over twenty years and we have seen this city grow and become more dynamic each year. We like to believe that there are always new options to make it even better. We make propositions – both solicited and unsolicited – to local governments and private parties.